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Research centres and laboratories

The Department has set up some research centres and laboratories. These include:

  • AI@UPO – Interdepartmental Centre for Applied Artificial Intelligence
  • UPO4Sustainability – Interdepartmental Centre for Sustainability
  •  Uponturism – Interdepartmental Centre for Tourism
  • the Laboratory of Experimental Economics and Computer Simulations, Al.EX, with 24 PCs equipped with software for game theory experiments (Z-tree) and simulations (SWARM). For more information, visit the website;
  • the  Inter-university Centre of Culture, Rights and Religions – International Forum of Democracy & Religions, FIDR, intended to reflect on the role currently played by religions in liberal European democracies, tackling in an interdisciplinary approach the problems of co-existence of societies with a high level of ethnic-religious pluralism. FIDR also studies the dynamics at play in a pluralist society and examines the prerequisites of a shared ethos that can guarantee sufficient social cohesion. For more information, visit the website
  • the  Interdepartmental Centre of Law and Constitutional History DISCO, was founded in April 2015 to respond to the need for an institutional area dedicated to the study of constitutional law and its history while bringing together various experts of the University in a transversal and interdisciplinary manner.
  • the Laboratory of History, Politics and Institutions promotes and creates study and research projects that connect the local environment with national and international realities. For more information, visit the website
  • the Laboratory of Migration and Inequality, MiDiLab, aimed at interdisciplinary research, the diffusion of knowledge on issues of policies, organisation of seminars and educational activity on topics connected to immigration in the past and today, domestic and international, against a background of social inequality.

Other centres also exist:

  • the Interdepartmental Centre of Excellence of Healthcare Management Services, CEIMS, run by Prof. Renato Balduzzi, is a university research centre offering consultancy and advanced training in the field of health services, combining academic study with practical transmission and diffusion of know-how for institutions and industry professionals  
  • the Inter-university Centre for Peace Studies, CISP, was founded in 2001 by the University of Turin, University of Piemonte Orientale and the Polytechnic of Turin, to promote, coordinate and carry out study and research into the topics of war and peace, in an open-minded approach taking into account various political, religious and cultural beliefs. It also promotes, coordinates and carries out study and research into the processes of control and reduction of weapons and related technologies.

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