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1. ICDL – The European Computer Driving Licence

If you are a student of our University, graduated less than one year ago, are enrolled in Alumni or are an UPO employee, and you wish to take the New ECDL or ECDL Update exams at the AICA Test Centre of the Department, on the following page you can find the steps to follow.
If, on the other hand, you are not in one of these categories and are not part of our University i.e. not enrolled in any of our university courses, you must go to these instructions

  1. Exam fee payment
    Access the Easy Pagamenti portal (allow the use of popups on your browser). The first time you enter, registration is required, which is verified with a message to the email address indicated during registration.

    Once the registration is complete, log in with the username and password chosen during registration and choose the menu 'Access the payment portal> Catalogues> ECDL and EQDL.

    By clicking on your cart> ECDL, you select the product chosen according to your needs: exams without code for those who fail the exam; 1 exam; the ECDL Base kit which includes skill cards and 4 modules; ...

    As indicated on the chosen category, you must specify your STUDENT ID (ENROLMENT) NUMBER and the CITY (e.g. Alessandria, Novara, Vercelli).

    Continue on Go to Payment.
    As a payment method it is possible to download a PagoPA payment notice and print the bill, or proceed with the online payment by credit card, bank transfer, postal order online.
    The fees charged at our test center are particularly advantageous for:
    • Students enrolled at the University of Eastern Piedmont
    • Graduates (graduated no more than one year ago) of the University of Eastern Piedmont
    • Alumni UPO - Association of Graduates of the University of Eastern Piedmont (see the instructions for becoming a UPO Alumni Member)
    • Employees of the University of Eastern Piedmont
    and they are, in the case of New ECDL certification (Board resolution 1/2018 / 12.1 of 26/01/2018):
    • New ECDL Skills Card (unlimited expiry) € 55.00
    • New ECDL basic / full standard exam (including "Mi Certifico Ecdl" activation code for access to the AICA online course) € 18
    • Basic ECDL kit (Skills card + 4 exams) € 120
    • Standard ECDL kit (Skills card +7 exams) € 170
    • New ECDL basic / full standard exam (repurchase only - without code, for those who have failed the exam) € 15
    • Update ECDL Full Standard Certification € 45
    • New Ecdl single module update € 9
    • Using Databases module for Standard ECDL € 30
    It is possible to pay for multiple modules together and then take them over time, for example, 2 or 3 at a time, by booking in the different exam sessions; or pay only for the modules you wish to take immediately and then make a new payment for subsequent exams.
    To obtain the ECDL Basic certification it is necessary to pass the 4 modules listed below (see attached the detailed syllabus of each module):
    • Computer Essentials, you can choose between Windows and Office XP, Windows 7, Windows 10, MacOS, or Ubuntu 12.04.
    • Online Essentials, you can choose between Firefox, Thunderbird 15.0.1, Internet Explorer 10 with Mail; Google Chrome with Gmail. 
    • Word Processing, choose between Microsoft Office 2007 (Syllabus 5.0), Microsoft Office 2010 (Syllabus 5.0) or Office 2013 (Syllabus 5.0), Microsoft Office 2016 (Syllabus 6.0) or LibreOffice 3.5 (Syllabus 5.0) or Google Documenti (Syllabus 5.0). 
    • Spreadsheets, choose between Microsoft Office 2007 (Syllabus 5.0), Microsoft Office 2010 (Syllabus 5.0) or Office 2013 (Syllabus 5.0); Microsoft Office 2016 (Syllabus 6.0) or LibreOffice 3.5 (Syllabus 5.0) or Google Fogli (Syllabus 5.0). 
    For students enrolled at DIGSPES: consult the link relating to the modules that must / can be taken to obtain recognition of eligibility of the Computer exam for the degree courses at DIGSPES.
    The Department's ECDL test centre is also certified for ECDL Standard and ECDL Full Standard certification. In addition to the modules of the New ECDL Base, at the computer lab you can also take these modules:
    • IT Security (Syllabus 1.0IT)
    • Online Collaboration (Syllabus 1.0OC)
    • Presentation (Syllabus 5.0)
    • Project Planning (Syllabus 1.0PRJ)
    • Using Databases (Syllabus 5.0)
    The skill card to be used to obtain ECDL Standard and ECDL Full Standard is the same as the ECDL Base. The cost is 18 euros per module.
    If you have already obtained the ECDL by studying on previous Syllabuses and you want to demonstrate that your basic computer skills are up to date, you can achieve ECDL Update certification, which consists of a single test, lasting a maximum of 1 hour and 15 minutes, for a total of 56 questions on Syllabus 5.0.
    From 1° February 2018 the fees are:
    • Update Certificate ECDL Full Standard € 45
    • Update single module New Ecdl   € 9
  2. Proof of payment
    Send a scanned copy or photo with proof of payment to
  3. Skill card
    At the time of initial registration, if you need to make the skill card, you must also write your personal data: name, surname, tax code, street of residence, postal code, municipality, province, date of birth, town of birth, mobile phone, email. The data of the new skill card are communicated to you by email. It is no longer a paper card, but an online document that is issued by the Test Centre
    PLEASE NOTE: with the New ECDL, the skill card no longer expires. However, to achieve the ECDL Full Standard certification it is necessary to pass all 7 modules within five years from the date of the first exam. This time constraint does not apply to other certifications.
    By purchasing the exam modules, you have the opportunity to activate an AICA self-study course and chance to access the AICA portal.
  4. Booking exams
    You must book the exams you wish to take in the scheduled sessions, which are listed on the ECDL and EQDL exam session calendars page (Calendari delle sessioni d'esami ECDL ed EQDL)
    To book for the exam session you must write - at least two or three days before the session - an email to  indicating exactly which modules you wish to take. In the case of Office products, it should also be noted if you take the exam on Syllabus 6.0 (Office 2016 version) or on Syllabus 5.0 (previous versions and LibreOffice)

Last modified 2 August 2022