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2. ICDL – The European Computer Driving Licence: for external candidates

If you wish to purchase the skill card and take the ICDL (formerly ECDL) exams at our Test Centre, but you are not part of our University or even enrolled in any course at other universities, you must follow these steps:

  1. Purchase a Single Course at our University. [COST: 90 euros]
    Download the single course application form Modulo di Iscrizione a Corso Singolo and fill in the Exam title "Computer Skills" - Code GM049 - 3 credits. Buy the necessary revenue stamp and paste it on the form; cancel the revenue stamp by writing on it the date when you will send all the documentation to the Student Office by e-mail; enter the details of the stamp and the form on which you have affixed it on the Stamp Self-Certification Form (Modulo Autocertificazione Bollo); scan / photograph the front and back of an identity document; scan / photograph all the forms and send them by institutional email. You will receive by email instructions on how to pay the fee and the credentials to access your personal account.

    Once you have completed the purchase of the Single Course you can move on to:
  2. Purchase the skill card and exam modules to obtain the Basic ECDL certification [COST 120 euro], ECDL Full Standard [COST 170 euro], ECDL Update [COST 45 euro] or EQDL Start [COST 36 euro], EQDL Full [COST 100 euros].
    In particular, you must register on the Easy Pagamenti  portal (allow the use of popups on your browser); access the payment portal> Catalogues> ECDL and EQDL. By clicking on the cart> ECDL, you select the chosen product.

    As indicated on the chosen category, you must specify your STUDENT ID (ENROLMENT) NUMBER issued by the Student Services Office at the time of enrolment on the Single Course, followed by the city in which you take the test: Alessandria. Continue on Go to Payment. As a payment method it is possible to download a PagoPA payment notice and print the bill, or proceed with the online payment by credit card, bank transfer, postal order online.

    Once the payment has been made, send a photo of the receipt to adding to the email your name, surname, tax code, complete residence with street - postcode - town. This is the information you need to activate your skill card.

    For each module, you will be sent an activation code for an online exam preparation course.

    To book the exams you wish to take, consult the list of available sessions, on the ICDL and EQDL exam session calendars page (Calendari delle sessioni d'esami ICDL ed EQDL)

    To book the exam, just write an email to  - at least two or three days before the scheduled session.


Modulo Autocertificazione Bollo
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Modulo di Iscrizione a Corso Singolo
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Last modified 22 July 2022