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3. ICDL – Preparing for the exam

How can I prepare for the ICDL exams?

Please note: as of 1 February 2018, on the  AICA  website you can find specific materials for the preparation of each exam module, which you can access thanks to the "Mi Certifico ECDL" activation code, delivered to you at the time of payment. This material remains available to the student for one year from its activation.

The Department does not organize specific courses for ECDL exam preparation.

If you have passed the computer skills exam, you should already have the tools to learn more about the topics of the ECDL programme.

You can refer to these sites which feature preparation material and exam mock papers.

If you prefer, preparation manuals are available in bookstores (check that they are AICA certified manuals and present the most up-to-date syllabus programme). Some manuals also have a DVD with tutorials.

Last modified 26 July 2022